Energy/Spiritual Healings

There are varioustechniques that practitioners use for healing. Some of the more popular healing techniques are Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing. Even though there are so many different names & techniques for healings, the ultimate goal remains the same, to help our clients heal.

The practitioner, being a conduit of the purest form of energy from the universe, brings healing to the person in need. Performing any of the above mentioned energy methods with focus and purity of intention will get the results that the client desires.The Universal Energy is a pure energy and available to all, for without it we could not live. It is how the individual/practitioner uses and manipulates this energy by their intention that gives its results.

Healing can occur in many ways!A healing can take place physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or all of the above in various ways.

For over 18 years, we have witnessed some incredible results, from the healings that we have performed on people and animals alike. We, at Wholistic Wellness Associates, through our purity of intention, can assist you in your search for healing.

Dear Patty,

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful healing journey you afforded me. There was so much going on in my body that I was no longer in touch with myself. After my consultation (which was in itself so healing) I followed your instructions and it was a very short time before I began to feel better in my body and spirit. I have developed a new relationship with my diet and it was such an easy transformation. I love what I take into my body and my body is loving me right back! You are an amazing healer, and a fine human being. Keep up the good work.

- KD, Orange, NJ

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