Angela Roberts, LMT, ACH

Angela RobertsAngela is a very spiritually gifted healer, psychic, medium, empath, and medical intuitive.  She has performed countless numbers of healings on people and animals with some miraculous results.  Through her readings she has given people the answers that they seek and has provided great comfort and clarity.  As a medical intuitive, she can feel ailments and dis-eases in her clients and has been able to help pinpoint problems where even years of testing have failed.

A Licensed Massage Therapist (NJ License # 18KT00493800), Angela specializes in medical massage and is able to aid in relief of pain stemming from ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, patellofemoral dysfunction, herniated discs, etc. which treatments she incorporates into a relaxing therapeutic massage. Being especially interested in women’s health (and healing), Angela is a Certified Fertility Massage Specialist as well as having a certification in Mastectomy Massage.

Energy is the cornerstone of all healing modalities and as such, Angela does an extensive amount of energy work with her clients. She infuses all sessions, whether they be for chakra balancing, crystal therapy, wellness coaching, energy healings, acupressure, massage or Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, with an astonishing healing gift.  Throughout the session—and afterwards—her clients experience feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation along with pain and stress relief and a boost in immune system functioning!

As well as being an Advanced Clinical Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotist, Angela is currently studying to become a Certified Nutrition Counselor and a Certified Natural Health Professional. She has been featured on NY Talk Radio demonstrating her incredible psychic gift.

To book a session with Angela for yourself or for a pet, call (908) 591-6991.


Dear Patty,

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful healing journey you afforded me. There was so much going on in my body that I was no longer in touch with myself. After my consultation (which was in itself so healing) I followed your instructions and it was a very short time before I began to feel better in my body and spirit. I have developed a new relationship with my diet and it was such an easy transformation. I love what I take into my body and my body is loving me right back! You are an amazing healer, and a fine human being. Keep up the good work.

- KD, Orange, NJ

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